Unified Crypto APIs

bitcoin trading api

Quadency provides fast, reliable and unified APIs for accessing cryptocurrency market data and executing orders across all integrated exchanges.

Clean & Normalized

While exchanges differ in how coin symbols and markets are presented, Quadency provides all data in a standardized manner. This means symbols, pairs, and historical data are consistent across all supported exchanges.

Trade Execution

Easily send order requests via a single endpoint, cancel one or all orders for a pair across exchanges, fetch your accounts, balances and trades via REST or listen for updates via our websocket streams.

Market Data

Get real-time order books, prices and trades via websocket and access latest and historical market data such as OHLCV for plotting candlestick charts or for backtesting your automated trading strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use these APIs for?

Our unified APIs are the same APIs powering the Quadency platform, so you can use them to retrieve market data and programatically execute trades in your connected exchange accounts.

How much does it cost?

Currently the APIs are available to Quadency Pro users by invitation only. In the near future we will introduce pricing plans for the APIs only.

What is the latency associated with trading via the unified APIs?

Quadency routes requests directly to the exchanges via our cloud servers - therefore a negligible latency of ~ 10ms can be expected.