Enterprise Cryptoasset
Trading Terminal

Trade the world's top cryptocurrency exchanges with your own, private instance of the Quadency trading platform and enterprise APIs.

Modern Platform

Built on a foundation of microservices architecture, the platform boasts fast performance and unlimited scalability combined with low-latency streaming and historical data piped directly from the exchanges.

Unified Trading APIs

Feed your algorithmic trading bots with unified, real-time order books and market depth data. Use our consolidated APIs to send orders directly to the exchanges, eliminating the need for custom one-off integrations.

Market Data

Downloadable historical data for any custom needs - including OHLCV for over 1000 trading pairs, in formats ranging from CSV, SQL dump and more. Real-time streams are available for order books, price tickers and trade history.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

With a private deployment that you control, neither Quadency, nor anyone else has access to your account API keys. All communication and sensitive data are encrypted using financial industry best practices.

Non-Custodial Model

The Quadency Platform gives you robust and reliable access to your existing, AML/KYC-verified accounts so you remain in control of your portfolio funds at all times. There are no middlemen, and no per-transaction fees.

Dedicated Support

We are familiar with the challenges of this industry - it can be daunting. Quadency's team of experts will be there through the setup process and provide ongoing engineering support so you can focus on running your operations.

Let's Talk

Interested in our Platform, Market Data or API products?

Reach us at sales@quadency.com.