Cryptocurrency Tools of The Trade™

Deploy custom, real-time algorithmic trading strategies directly across any combination of markets and exchanges.

Professional Trading Terminal

Bring your own trading accounts, or open one with our partner exchanges and unlock unlimited trading, comprehensive toolset for automation, management and reporting of digital assets across all venues.

Algorithmic Execution Framework

From simple TWAP to complex cross-exchange arbitrage, Strategy Coder™ - our integrated Python framework - is equipped to handle any custom automated strategies you can imagine. Supercharged performance - no servers to maintain, no data to download.

Unified APIs + Market Data

One API for all your streaming, execution and data-crunching needs. We normalize all data and API contracts into a standardized format so you can focus on what's important. Learn more about our Unified Crypto API.

Optional Power-Ups

Speak to us to discuss your unique requirements for exchange support, execution algorithms, granular access control, colocation, or reporting needs.

Upgrade to Quadency Institutional

Safe, Secure & Reliable

Security and privacy are at the forefront of everything we do. All network communication and sensitive data are encrypted using financial industry best practices and all systems undergo regular penetration testing.

Dedicated Support

We are familiar with the challenges of this industry - it can be daunting. Quadency's team of experts is there through the setup process and provides ongoing engineering support so you can focus on running your operations.