Pricing & Promotional Offers

May 28, 2021

Most Traders Use Quadency FREE

Quadency currently has 3 plans: Lite (free forever), Pro, and Unlimited. The Lite plan includes everything on Quadency, so your audience will always have a great free option to cover all their needs. 

PLEASE NOTE: if interested in screenshots, please check back July 1st after new pricing page design is live

Need more? Upgrading is Easy

The free Lite plan works for most traders, but traders can upgrade to Quadency Pro or Unlimited, from $39 or $89 respectively, any time to access:

  • Higher limits on backtesting and live bots
  • Higher limits on wallet connections
  • Priority email and live chat support
  • More coming soon!

Free Pro Upgrade Promotions

Quadency has several partners offers live at any given time for our traders to get a free upgrade to Pro!

With your 50% discount code QPARTNER50, much of your audience can get at least 3 months free AND 50% off after that.

Be sure to let them know that once upgraded, benefits include:

  • Higher limits on tracking, backtesting, bots, and live trading
  • Priority email + live chat support
  • Premium features and other exciting tools in the works



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