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With several Official Exchange Partners, our users around the world have executed over $3B in trades from the Quadency terminal. 

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Affiliate partners have higher monthly payout caps and can earn on activity like wallet connections!

Recurring Rewards

Unlike our referral program, affiliates can keep earning each month for qualifying user activity.

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Exclusive discount offers for your audience, graphics & content to help you earn, and much more.

If your referrals keep trading, you keep earning!

Your referral: You earn (USD):
Connects an Exchange Account $5
NEW: connects an exchange with a balance over $1,000 $5
Reaches $5,000 in trading volume $10/month
Reaches $10,000 in bot trading volume $10/month
Total potential earnings per referral $250

What are you waiting for?

Start earning recurring commission for your referrals.​



Payments are made during the first two weeks of every month for rewards earned during the previous month. Rewards are earned the moment any of your referrals complete a qualifying action above and will be considered pending until verification and payment.

Once you’ve created your free Quadency account, sign in and visit My Referrals to see your rewards and their payout status.

Your BTC reward will be sent to the address of your choice, which you can designate in the wallet address field within My Referrals. Be sure to enter only your BTC address.

The rate used for payouts is based on the global average price of Bitcoin at the time of payout. So if you’ve earned $500 USD in rewards for a given month, you will receive the equivalent value in BTC as calculated on the day the payouts are processed.

Each referred user can generate you up to $250 in rewards for completing certain actions.

  • Get paid the first time your referral:
    • Links an exchange account with balance > $500: $5
    • Links an exchange accountwith balance > $1,000: $5
  • Get paid up to $20 EVERY month on that referral for up to 1 year, each month they:
    • Reach $5,000 in bot volume: $10
    • Reach $10,000 in total volume: $10

Please note reward payouts for trading actions are limited to official Quadency partner exchanges only

Payouts are initially capped at $2,000 per month, but you can request your cap be removed if you:

  • Hit the cap for 2 consecutive months as a Quadency Affiliate
  • Publish new content about feature updates at least once a month after cap removal

If your request is approved, you will be elevated to Quadency Ambassador status with no monthly caps on earnings, even more exclusive perks for your audience, and additional opportunities to earn! 

Existing Affiliate Partners interested in cap removal, please contact your account manager. Otherwise please submit this Affiliate Application or this more general Partnership Inquiry depending on your interest in working with Quadency.

Yes, you may advertise on any channels you’d like, so long as you don’t misrepresent Quadency or make any false claims about our products. If you plan to do paid search advertising (ie Adwords), you may not bid on keywords related to our brand, including “Quadency”. Violation of this rule will result in the termination of your referral account and forfeiture of any rewards earned.