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Trade, Invest, Track, Automate.

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Quadency is an-all in one crypto trading platform with a range of pro trading tools designed for traders of every skill level.

Trading Bot Automations

No matter the market conditions, we have a bot for that. Create your own bot with Cody AI - Trading Assistant.

Multi-Exchange Smart Trading

Quadency's Terminal let you trade on top-tier exchanges from one interface with charting by TradingView.

Crypto Portfolio Tracking

All the insights you need to manage your crypto portfolio, no matter where you hold your funds.

Smart Order Crypto Swaps

Place trades with CEX and DEX liquidity sources on the next-gen hybrid exchange: QUADX.
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Meet Cody,
Your AI Trading Assistant.

  • Instruct Cody in plain English, just like a regular chat.

  • Trade technical indicators, price action or events.

  • Cody executes the trade for you, so you don’t have to.

Trading Bots
For Any Market Condition

  • Run pre-built bot strategies with just a few clicks.

  • Automate trades across all your favorite exchanges.

  • Try the future of trading automation with Cody AI.

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Cody - Strategy Assistant

Write trading strategies in plain english, convert them to code using AI and run!

Smart Order

Manage your profits no matter which way the market moves.


Accumulate crypto and let your bot calculate the best buy times.


Follow the momentum when moving averages cross the signal line.

Mean Reversion

Buy the fear & sell the greed based on the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI).

Bollinger Bands

Use this popular momentum indicator to profit from price swings.


Catch the trend with short-term and long-term moving average crossovers.

Multi-Level RSI

Combine RSI’s momentum signals with dollar cost averaging.

Market Maker

Buy low & sell high with 2 simultaneous orders for real-time market making.

Grid Trader

Trade in a price range to profit from volatility in sideways markets.

Portfolio Rebalancer

Automatically rebalance your portfolio as assets rise or fall.

Market Maker Plus

Set up high frequency trading to earn profits from the spread.

TradingView Bot

Turn your TradingView alerts into automated trade orders.

Secure Multi-Exchange
Smart Trading

Trade on all top tier exchanges from one, fast and intuitive interface featuring order types for every trader.

Multi Exchange trading terminal Binance Kraken QUADX

Smart Order Trades On
Your Favorite Crypto Assets

QUADX uses multiple liquidity sources to get you the best price for your crypto at any given time. This means deeper liquidity with no single point of failure.

Smart Order Routing
CEX + DEX Liquidity
Instant Secure Trades

Get More From Your Portfolio.

The QUAD Token

The next-generation of high-utility platform tokens is here. QUAD gives traders premium access to trading bots and the best in discounted fees.

QUAD token ai crypto token

All-in One Crypto
Investment Tracking

Stay on top of your portfolio with real-time performance tracking and enhanced portfolio analytics so you know the true cost of your portfolio.

Smart Trading,
Wherever Crypto Takes You

Manage all your crypto assets on the go with instant trades and a unified portfolio at your fingertips. 

A Security First Approach
To Crypto Trading

World-Class Security

With a security-first mindset, trader protection is our top priority. We go to extreme measures to keep customer data and assets safe. Each product integration undergoes rigorous testing prior to deployment.

Crypto Asset Protection

Your crypto funds don't move without your say. With an unwavering commitment to a safe crypto trading experience, we will continue to utilize industry-best security and risk management practices.

Support Center

Quad unlocks low-fee trading for bot trading, smart order trades on QUADX and manual trades on connected accounts in the multi-exchange terminal.  

Responsive Support Team

Our professional support staff is always ready to assist you, 24/7 via Live Chat and emails.


All QUAD held in your Quadency account automatically qualifies for our community rewards program and earns you up to 30% APY with daily payouts.

Video Explainers

Learn the basics of trading and discover how to leverage all the Quadency features through step-by-step video guides.

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