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What is Quadency?

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Quadency is a platform that provides a single, secure and easy-to-use experience for trading, managing and analyzing the performance of crypto assets across multiple exchanges.

Trading Power Unleashed

Professional-grade trading tools - for everyone.

Trade like a pro with advanced technical analysis charts, intuitive order management and live streaming prices.

Get the edge you need with additional order types that are not natively supported by exchanges.

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Your Portfolio, Visualized

Not just another dashboard - It’s the only one you need

Gain deep insights into your holdings with real-time performance monitoring, and asset allocation breakdowns.

Quadency's robust, personalized dashboard widgets deliver simplicity without compromising accuracy.

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Actionable Insights

Manage all your accounts and digital assets with ease

Built for active traders and long-term investors, Quadency enables you to react quickly to market-moving events.

Whether you want to dump it all, or add to your positions, you can do it with the click of a button.

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Feature Highlights

real time dashboard

Personalized Dashbboard

Real-time view of your current asset allocations, portfolio growth and distribution of balances by exchange and account - in your native currency!

Whether you have one account or ten, Quadency helps manage them all with ease no matter where you trade.

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Intuitive Order Management

Send orders directly to your connected exchange accounts with support for advanced order types.

Click-to-fill orders from chart or available balances and many more enhancements over exchange UIs.

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Live Portfolio Views

Aggregated view of all your holdings, updated tick-by-tick with accurate, real-time prices streamed directly from the exchanges where your assets are held.

Select any asset to navigate to the Trade screen where you can manage your orders and view your transaction history.

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TradingView™ Charts

We know you love them, we do too!

In addition to candlestick charts, Quadency seemlessly integrates the rich set of technical analysis indicators and tools that make TradingView™ the go-to choice for pro traders.

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Consolidated Orders and Transactions

Manage your open orders from any account and view your balances and transactions in one place.

Whether you trade manually or use algorithmic bots, Quadency gives you the control you need to act instantly.

Trade the world's most liquid digital asset exchanges with Quadency's institutional-grade trading platform.

Welcome to a better trading experience

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In Your Custody

Your funds remain in your exchange accounts, in your control. Quadency does not require nor recommend enabling withdrawal permissions on API keys used to link accounts.

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Safe, Secure & Reliable

Financial industry best practices such as end-to-end encryption and 2FA are just part of a long list of security measures we take to ensure the safety of your account and funds.

Unparalleled Support

No support tickets! We believe in conversations, so talk to us via live chat or send us an email if you have a question, complaint or a compliment. Usually it's the latter.


Quadency is a unified asset management platform for cryptocurrencies. By connecting your existing accounts from popular exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, and Coinbase Pro, you can enjoy all the benefits our platform has to offer.

Accounts can be connected to Quadency using API keys. To learn more about how API keys work, click here.

As of today, we have integrations with Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX), Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin, Poloniex, OKEx, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Gemini.

Several more are in progress, and new exchanges will continually be added - prioritized by trading volume, growth, liquidity, and of course user feedback. All integrations are thoroughly tested and undergo a rigorous roll-out process to ensure the safety of your funds.

Yes! Quadency employs numerous security measures to keep your accounts secure from unauthorized access, including encryption of API keys, passwords, and other sensitive information, SSL over TLS for end-to-end encryption of communication, 2FA for additional security of user accounts, and we follow OWASP top 10 standards and undergo regular penetration testing by third-party security providers. You can learn more about our security practices here.

Additionally, we encourage users to disable withdrawal permissions from exchange APIs and hold non-traded funds off exchanges and in secure, hardware wallets.

While in public beta, Quadency is completely free. There are no fees in addition to any transaction fees charged by exchanges.

As investors and traders who’ve had their own difficulties with exchanges and trading tools, we want you to experience Quadency at no cost. In the coming months - as we continue to gather feedback from our beta users, integrate more exchanges, and refine our roadmap - we’ll begin introducing premium features and account tiers in addition to the free version.

This is a much requested feature and in the near future we will be adding support for assets held in online and offline storage such as hardware and paper wallets.

It's easy to get started

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Sign up

Create your free account and verify your email. Your email is used for communication related to your account, and for important updates and announcements from the Quadency team.

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Connect your accounts

Quadency's setup tour will guide you in linking your exchange accounts using API keys. This one-time process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes for most people.

Start trading

You can now see your personalized dashboard, live portfolio listing coins and tokens in your connected accounts and an advanced trading interface to trade - all in one place.


Investing is more than charts and technical analysis. We know that insights into market fundamentals help you trade better, so we're developing a digital asset intelligence hub exclusive for Quadency users.

Follow our blog where we regularly publish relevant content each week and updates on new feature releases.

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