About Quadency

Meet The Team

Quadency is led by an experienced team of industry insiders, engineers, and digital strategists. As traders themselves, the original concept was driven simply by their own frustrations with the fragmented landscape.

With feedback and support from an amazing community, it's quickly flourished into a robust, professional-grade trading platform with an equally ambitious product roadmap for the future.

quadency founder ceo roshan singh

Rosh Singh

Co-Founder / CEO

Rosh is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist with a background in Forex markets, trading technologies, personal finance, and compliance among other industries.

quadency founder cto tony tran

Tony Tran

Co-Founder / CTO

Tony is a T-shaped engineer and technologist with a decade of technology experience working in industries such as defense, finance, film, marketing, and blockchain.

quadency founder coo manish kataria

Manish Kataria

Co-Founder / COO

Manish is a digital strategist with focus areas including blockchain, innovation methodology, customer experience design, and omni-channel marketing+commerce.

Why Quadency?

If you've invested in more than the top few market cap coins, you've likely opened several exchange accounts. This fragmented and cumbersome user experience for managing accounts and analyzing holdings is ripe with inefficiencies.

Some investors enter transactions manually into portfolio tracking apps, but that only solves part of the problem. What's been lacking is automatic performance monitoring as holdings change from day-to-day and the ability to trade right from that dashboard. Built for both active traders and long-term investors, this is where Quadency bridges the gap.

Our platform not only gives you a beautiful and holistic picture of your holdings across exchanges, it does so automatically - with advanced trading features built right in. And we're only getting started.

Join Us

We are looking for talented full-stack engineers, user experience designers and marketers. If you're interested in helping build the best digital asset trading tools, reach us at careers@quadency.com.