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Share your love for Quadency with your community by completing basic quests to earn rewards and referral commissions!
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Ready To Grow your Revenues?

Join the Quadency Ambassador program to empower your audience while earning up to $250 per referrals and additional rewards.

1. Become an Ambassador

Create your free Quadency account and apply to become an ambassador on Crew3.

2. Promote Quadency

Talk about Quadency in articles, blog posts, and videos, or place ads on your websites.

3. Earn Rewards

Complete quests to earn one-time payouts and receive referral rewards monthly.

Why Quadency?

Work with a platform trusted by 100k+ users and institutions worldwide.

Unlimited High-Commissions

We offer industry-leading referral commissions, with up to $100 per signup as well as one-time payments. Track your signups directly within Quadency.

Your Referral:
You Earn
Links An Exchange Account
Completes Account Verification Level 2
Makes $10,000 in Manual Trading Volume
up to 12x
Makes $10,000 in Bots Trading Volume
up to 12x
Total per referral

Weekly Updated Quests

Complete new quests uploaded every week to diversify your earnings and discover new ways to share about Quadency with your audience.

Security First

Trader protection is our top priority with funds on platform with best-in-class security, and 24/7 customer support.

Next-Gen Trading

With a slick unified user interface and intuitive mobile app for beginner and experienced users alike.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone meeting the criteria below can join the movement and become a Quadency Ambassador to start earning rewards.


Social media account with 5,000+ followers or subscribers on one or more social media platforms.

Top Quadency Users

If you are familiar with Quadency and in Tier 4 or above and want to contribute to our overall growth.

Crypto Communities

Financial leaders or opinion leaders with a community of 500+ members on one or more community groups.


Writers, comparison websites that understand the value of Quadency for their users.
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Ambassador Program FAQ

Are there specific actions for the commissions?
How do I access my Ambassador Perks?
Is there a cap on how much I can earn?
Can I advertise on behalf of Quadency?
Is my region supported?
What are the fees?
Which assets are supported?
Where will I receive my airdrop?
When will I receive my airdrop?
How to claim my QUAD Airdrop?
Am I eligible for the QUAD Airdrop?
How to buy QUAD?
Can I pay fees in QUAD?
How fees are paid?
Which regions are supported?
Can I use QUAD access higher tiers or pay for fees?
Which trading volume is considered for the tiers?
How often do I get a reward payout?
Where can I track my referrals?
Where will my payment be sent?
What is the rate used for USD to BTC conversion?
Can I still receive my reward in BTC?
What specific action is required for each payout?
Is there a cap on how much I can earn?
Can I apply to become an Ambassador directly?
Can I advertise on behalf of Quadency?
How to qualify for the bonus?
Looking for Quadency Pro or Unlimited?
Is streaming data available?
How much does it cost?
How do I get my API keys?
Do you provide volume-weighted average prices?
Are there any rate-limits?
How does Quadency work?
What bots can I choose?
Which exchanges are supported?
How much does it cost?
How secure is the platform?

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